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Olympia Little Theatre - Archives

Welcome to Olympia Little Theatre Digital Archives. 

Here is where you can explore the history of our theatre.

OLT Plays

OLT History

OLT Parties

Under OLT plays we have the plays that OLT has done over the years, starting in 1939 with One Fine Day and continuing onto today.  They are broken down by decade, then season and finally by performance.  Currently, we don't have a way to look up a play and link to it but that is a future project.

In OLT History we start out with a history of the early years as researched by Helen Christopher.  We have the original album she provided for us, and what you see here a verbatim copy of it setup just as it was typed, errors and all.  Thanks to Ms. Christopher and others the earliest years are captured are captured in this history book.  As the years move on various milestones are shown using images of original documents and later with images.

OLT Parties, capture the memories of when our members got together to celebrate the start of a season or other key events.